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Originally Posted by RSV3 View Post
Gilly probably just got tired of the forum and stopped paying the bill. It's no secret that he's not interested in owning/running it anymore.
Yeah I saw that message he posted on the 16 types asking if anyone else was interested in owning it/running it. Seems to me there wasn't alot of interest. Probably most of the forum members couldn't afford or didn't want to pay money to maintain the forum. Or didn't want to invest a large amount of time and responsibility towards running it. Which is understandable.

Still it seems very abrupt to all of a sudden without warning to have the forum inaccessible. Couldn't have there been at least a message on the 16 types saying something like, "since no one volunteered to own or run the forum, the 16 types will go down indefinitely at this date and time". That and give a list of other alternative socionics forums to join. I'm not so sure everyone was aware the other forums out there. There were people on that forum whose posts I really enjoyed reading and that I also communicated via PM, that aren't on any of the other forums as far as I know and I have no way now of contacting them now.
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