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Default Re: Things you have to know about enneagram

Do you know the structure of the brain?
I had a fair idea yes, until I read your interpretation. Maybe you should check on the structure of the brain yourself. What you are saying is not even near to the real structure of the brain, but rather somewhat perverted, simplified attempt to describe how the brain functions. There is a "reptilian brain", ok, the primitive mechanism of survival, which is not even concious. It takes control in the life threatening situations. Fair enough, you can call it instinctive, but if all I do is act (which I assume you connect with instinctive brain) feel and think, then you impossibly bend the idea. This would be true for my actions under life threatening conditions, but I am surely not in such conditions 24/7, well at least I hope so. If you however imply that instinctive/reptilian brain has anything to do with the sensing I will strongly disagree with you, since there are other parts of the brain that are proven to be involved in sensory processing as we know it.
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