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Default Re: Things you have to know about enneagram

Before I continue how did we get 9 types I will answer the rest of your questions.

I have already said to metroGnome that there isn't any enneagram test which is 100% accurate. So is the case for Socionics/MBTI test, but in the case of enneagram the accuracy of tests is in average even lower because detecting the enneagram type is harder. Don Riso and Russ Hudson made a lot of effort to make a test, but the accuracy they came out with was disappointing: not more than 40% and they tell you that it is 70% but they are lying. The most accurate enneagram test is the one made by David Daniel and you can find it in his book: "The essential enneagram". The accuracy of this test is a bit more than 50%.(He tells you that it is 66%).

In the same type we can have different levels of developpement, but Don Riso and Russ Hudson determined the different levels of developpement and not all enneagramists follow them.

About the wing:
I will come back to the principle that enneagram is like a spectrum. You know that turquoise is the mix of blue with green. But you have turquoises which are closer to blue and others that are closer to green. So is the case of types and wings. I'm a 6 with a 7 wing which means that I have a colouration which is closer to 7 than to 5. My 5 wing is called a potential wing. It can be developped by a lot of personal work. Its use is rather optional. But my 7 wing is called principle.

Our wing is a strategy used by our type which is a difficult thing to understand. For example my type which is 6 can make use of the mechanisms of type 7 in order to realizes its objective. For instance, as a 6 my passion is fear so my objective is to reach security. So my type will make use of the passsion of type 7 which is gourmandise and will seek pleasure in order to forget about my fear and feel a kind of false security.

Another example I can give: as I have already stated the compulsion of my type is to avoid the deviance. In case I am accused of being a deviant, my ego will directly search to defend itself. My type will use its defense mechanism which is projection to project this unbearable accusation on others, and the defense mechanism of type 7 which is rationalization in order to justify myself. So the result will be: It is not me but them because bla,bla,bla....

For now, if you want to know your type do not confuse yourself with a lot of information. Just explore the 3 centres and the types well and forget about wings/developpement...etc

Similarminds is just anything.

......To be continued
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