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Default Re: Things you have to know about enneagram

Oh yeah, and I like this: no one is pure type - it is always a type and a wing. So how do you know which type is who. Just the test? Because you can't really use descriptions since a) no one is pure type and b) everyone has "levels of development". I particulary like these "levels of development". If you can't fit in a particular type/wing thingy you must be on a "different" level of development. So how many levels are there? Can you test them: type 6 wing 5 level 9?

Oh yeah the test. I just took 2 tests (I have never taken enneagram test before in my life ). On one I came type 4 on the other 5 and 6, by official descriptions I relate more to 8 or 9. Interesting thing I've noticed, you can make an INTp description by rephrasing many test questions into sentences.

INTp profile by the Enneagram Test "">

"My life is defined by loneliness. I am a loner. I could survive as a hermit. I contradict others. I tend to take precautions. I am always worried about something. I am often extremely sad. I value solitude immensely. Sometimes I am overly cautious. I tend to prepare for worst case scenarios. I have a heightened awareness of danger. I require lots of time alone to recharge. Unpleasant feelings overwhelm me, frequently."

Does this make you wanna slit your wrists?
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