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Default Re: Things you have to know about enneagram

That is interesting. If the enneagram type doesn't change, and you can probably trust someone who says that there are only 9 personality types in the whole world , then isn't this should be pretty obvious to everybody? Come on there are only 9 types that do not change, how difficult is to remember 9 different personalities, unless of course you are total recluse and do not know how people look like. So there are 16 types according to Jung that do not change and further 9 enneagram types which makes it 25 or is it 16 x 9? What I am saying is that fair enough, enneagram is just another system for mapping personality, but it is not a washing powder commercial - "Our powder cleans whiter than white", so making statements like: "There are only 9 personality types in the whole world that are true and real!" is pretty irresponsible and gives people wrong impression, like it did to you, since you decided to buy it.
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