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Default Re: The narrow-mindedness of Russian Socionics

1.) September, do you use your brain at all?

2.) Does he look ENTp to you? Or does just everyone look ENTp to you because any behaviour can be justified in the ENTp framework?

3.) Not creative? Comparing him to Lytov? Uh, not that I know much about Lytov's works, Rick's website is already immeasurably better, has interesting new ideas, and is quite informative.

Lytov might have some works somewhere, but his site is still lacking alot of information.

I seriously am astonished how some people can reason certain "types" out of being able to be smart, even to the point where they can disregard things that are very apparent.

If you were given the same thing by an ENTp, you would be like "wow, creative Ti, awesome!" and "oh you silly crazy smart ENTp's!, you are just too smart for this world!"

If you want to learn to type people, stop trying to take away talents from them because you don't think they "should" have them.

Whether or not you know English, it is still clear to me that your little post would be tactless in any language.
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