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Default Re: The narrow-mindedness of Russian Socionics

Rick is ENFp by the way. If someone don't know that.But very interesting ENFp for me, beucause I saw he's website ( and he showed a lot of T to me. But I trusted him when he sayed he is ENFp. Someone living so long in Ukraine and studing socionics from the famous socionists, must know he's type for sure. So I got interested. Why does he look a lot like ENTp? SG says we have our hidden agenda. One can see how people like to be experts using it. This can make ENFp look like ENTp. So I was becoming satisfied with my answers. But not fully.

So I started to prepare myself for the insight to get some better answers.

And I got it. Suddenly it came to me. I realized he was not very creative with the material what he
was writing. He quoted the original material and then commented it. But never compared it with other research works. Like Dmitri Lytov does, which is why I think he is more likely to be ENTp than ENFp. ENTp has Ti as Creative function and he has the ability to tie it's discoveries with the already found scientithic opinions. Rick did not do like this. He's controll over he's T was a bit weak for that, as I thought when I read that website.

So I had discovered the difference between ENTp and ENFp, when ENFp is in the role of the scientist. ENFp doesn't like the feeling of comparing the different proved information to get the acceptance.

ENFp likes to be a person who can explain the idea of the theory. But not why the theory is true.

I hope I am right. I hope someone notices the same similarities between those two types.And he or she can also prove I am right. So that people can be better at typeing others.

PS. I hope that readers don't get very upset about my grammar mistakes.
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