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Default Re: The narrow-mindedness of Russian Socionics

Originally posted by SG:
Hey Rick, glad you've joined!

On the types and celebrities... You have Spielberg listed as an ENTp, do you have a specific reason for this? I thought he might be an ENFp and so as Tim Burton. James Cameron and Guy Ritchie could be ENTps.
Hi Sergei!
Just the observations I list on my page. Plus, of course, he visually reminds me of some of ENTp's I've known, but that doesn't help much in discussion. As a possible argument against ENFp I would say that he doesn't seem to try to be making an impression on people in any of his photographs as I'm used to seeing ENFp's do. Just a sort of "oh, you're taking my picture?" attitude. To me he seems too emotionally detached to be an ENFp.
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