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Default Re: The narrow-mindedness of Russian Socionics

Originally posted by Epic:

See, by "ulterior"(sorry for my poor spelling) It seemed as though you reserved a bit of contempt about ENTp's and their strengths. It looked as though it manifested in a way which was directed at all ENTp's and people labeled as ENTp. It almost appeared as a plea for doubt or distrust at ENTp's. And I AM an ENTp and I DO have ideas and I believe they are of sound logic and also that I am a fair person with no biases. It seems like misinterpretation, translation, or ignorance which would make anyone seriously believe one quadra to be better than another. I agree that such misinterpretations are real and are common, but also that they are extinguished with time by their own invalidity.
It seems to me that sometimes people identify themseves with their type to such an extent that they almost prepared to admit - yeah, this is who I am, and so any negative reference towards their type they would treat as a personal attack.
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