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Originally Posted by SG View Post
Although I'm already impressed with your achievements, I disagree with your above statement. You need both...sometimes you need to step back to move forward.
Thing is, I (me myself), am not impressed by my skills because I let other people choose what skills I should develop most of the time and I (besides hating myself for that) slowly start to realize that I should not do that because it destroys my happiness. BTW, is not this what type theory is all about really? Realizing what you are good at -what you like about yourself what other people appreciate in you -and then trying to find the overlap between those in order to figure out what you possibly should do with your life? Or?

I guess reflection is inevitable basis for all types since we need input to generate output. But I would like to stress that MUCH output can be produced with VERY VERY VERY VERY little input -is it not this that distinguishes the human being? An animal reacts quickly on input but a human can wait and process (sometimes years) and then come up with something really special-unique-adequate-practical at the time when it is needed the most. I agree, as you say, taking a step back to move forward is really included in this processing.

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Reflecting, emitting, what about absorbing
Well absorbing is the memory function -like an imprinted baby reptile that fortunately survives the attack by the eagle and then learns to never challenge big birds again. Spine based absorbing is very fast reliable efficient -like bicycling. And I like bicycling.

But what about lasering -creating stimulated emission instead? The contents of the message line up in parallell, become a coherent brilliant laser beam shining on a focused spot creating deep understanding within that illuminated area!?

Originally Posted by Dewy View Post
I guess cyclops prefers the light/mirror/sponge metaphor

Hi, my username is Dewy. This is not my name, and is often misleading because I am also not male, but female. I'm ENTp to the bone, 7w6. Despite my "inventor" nature, I'm currently pursuing a degree in History and intend to continue into graduate studies in Gender and Family History. This may seem a little odd, but I believe this drive stems from my desire to rationalize that which eludes me most: emotions and relationships.

And now with intros out of the way I can throw in my two cents worth! I'm not really sure what you're trying to say, Vibration. Are you saying that ENTps, by nature of their desire to be good at everything can never master anything, will always merely reflect, and therefore are shallow and never find self-satisfaction in what they do? They're always struggling to prove themselves and are never satisfied with their own accomplishments? While I think this idea has merit, I don't think it's necessarily true. Perhaps part of the journey as ENTp is recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. Yes, I know I try to be well-rounded and always want to be #1, but I tend to recognize my own strengths and find satisfaction from those instead. Life's a game and the best way to win is to play with a comparative advantage.
Hahahaha! I really like your intro! You are like eye-dew to me Dewy (I dare not speculate further why you chose that name)! Anyway I really enjoyed THAT emotional part in your intro.

I am saying that ENTps are unhappy cheer-themselves-up-people. They can master things like any type of course but... -that emotional thing again… procrastination (or was it pro-castration?) is the key word. Never content = never happy. There is now dew simply.
There must be some exceptions of course. Do you know of any?

Conerning personal strengths, basically, as an ENTp (for what I know) your talents could be your enemy #1. Is not this whole text a brilliant example of destructive self inflation? Hahaha!

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