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Default Re: Things you have to know about enneagram

How can you objectively represent a forest, where each tree is unique? That what personality is like - unique.

Each person is unique because each person has a genes combination which isn't common with anyone. But this doesn't mean that each of his genes is unique. Uniqueness comes from combinations.

I will tell you where do the 9 types come from. But forget about everything you now about Jungian functions in order to avoid confusions. Enneagram and Jungian typology evaluate different components of a personality.

There are three centres of interest (or you can say of intelligence): the instinctive, the emotional and the mental centre.

" The instinctive centre wants to assure us our physical and psychological survival in the instant/moment. For that, it makes in parallel the actual situation and past similar situations in order to find already applied efficient solutions. This comparison past/present is not intellectual, not even conscious; its object is to go to action. Not being able to take risks on a subject as important as our survival, the instinctive centre prefers solutions which have proven their reliability at any new situation. It is then the centre of our attitude in face of changements and of our motivations to act. This doesnot disallow it to be creative in action if the circumstances oblige. The instinctive centre is responsable for our physical coordination and our spontaneous acts. It expresses our sensuality and our deepest vitality."

The emotional centre is, like its name indicates,the one of emotions, of the expression of our desires and needs. It is also the centre of our relationship with others, of the perception of their feelings, of their desires and needs. Emotions are extremly variated. In French language, there is many thousands of words which describe them and from one moment to another they evoluate, especially if we are conscious of them. To a superficial level, we can be sad or happy for ten minutes; but if we are really paying attention to our emotions, we will figure out that they are permanently changing. This makes the emotional centre living deeply in the instant."

"The mental centre is the place of reasonning and reflexion. It is interested in knowledge, likes knowing and be disposed of information. It analyses logically a situation. Valorises objectivity. Builds plans and projects. It takes decisions. It generates new ideas. It is future-oriented."

paragraphs are taken from the Chabreuils book: "Comprendre et gérer les types de personnalité".

.....To be continued
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