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Default Re: Things you have to know about enneagram

Did you look at this PDF:

Look at three resources I have given you, all of them are important.

So does this mean there are only 9 personality types in the whole world or does it mean that there are only 9 personalty types that could be determined using enneagram instruments?

There are only nine personality types in the whole world using the enneagram instrument. Thousands of people from different cultures and population where observed for years, and they came out with this conclusion. Nine types for 6 billion people? Yes, enneagram only looks for inner motivations and perceives behaviours as the manifestation of inner mechanisms adopting themselves to external factors and past experience. So the existence of nine types does not disallow the existence of an infinity of variations among the same type. Type seven is turned to searching for pleasure, but enneagram does not determine what are his pleasures. For some sevens, sensations are pleasures, for others music is a pleasure, for certain sevens (like my advisor) mathematics is a great pleasure. Anyway, sevens rarely do have one pleasure. Sixes look for clear sructures/groups/beliefs... but enneagram does not state what are the structures/groups/beliefs which attract sixes. For certain sixes, the church or the islamic party and religion are what sixes search for, for others it is the political party, for others it is simply the family... A type does not describe all the traits of a person and it cannot do it.

Before I answer your next question I have to give very important remarks. To prove the type of the person one has to give evidences about his passion, fixation, compulsion, preferred centre and mechanism of defense; like the René Magritte prooves. Behaviour is never enough to give any proove. If type seven is joyful and likes pleasures, this does not mean that others can't be like that. What is the difference than? For a 7 avoiding the suffering is the main compulsion (which leads to gourmandise and pleasure seaking), which means that if there is a conflict between this compulsion and another one,the strongest (which is avoiding the suffering) will win. I avoid suffering as well, but if there a conflict between it and the compulsion of avoiding the deviance (which is the one of a 6), I will be ready to suffer in order to avoid deviance. (when we say deviance we mean deviance according to the group, the belief...). The compulsion and all other parts of mechanisms of all types, do exist in us, but the ones of our type is the strongest. Keep always this in mind.

Determining the type of the other is the most complex thing to do in enneagram, so do not rely on your typations if you are not completely formed in a respectful enneagram institute.

Anyway, the main question is - can enneagram type change?

Behaviour and the level of integration can change a lot, but enneagramists believe that our type cannot change. I don't know if they have prooves for that, what I know is that none of enneagamists could change his type or see others change their type.

The important thing is not, what your type is. But what do you do with your type. In all types you find bustards, ordinary people and extraordinary people.

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