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Originally Posted by Nocturnality View Post
Please describe how the functions feel in a concrete reality based way. If you can't describe all the functions describe introverted thinking and intuition.
Extroverted and Introverted sensing differ in that Introverted Sensing involves reacting against convential physical reality. The extroverted sensing attitude is that you have to be big and strong and useful. Introverted Sensing is different because it reacts against that, not because it seeks denials and justifications against it, but because it has or is somehow aware of the inevitable limitations and so seeks unconventional comforts and stimulations. It searches for something more subtle yet always tangible. While is about the ''power play'' and vigilance the doesn't take that course and instead is about immersing oneself in the experience- letting the experience immerse them so they can palatize it and absorb the subtleties.

In a more tangible way I'd say that is more likely to sit around a cigar bar or cook fine cuisine or become an impressionist painter(to convey the experience), whereas will seek dominance and the overcoming of obstacles through popular recreation like sports or weight lifting or boxing etcetera.

as for feeling, that is something quite easy to find the difference between. All feeling types like to maintain harmony with others, I think. But their approaches are very difference. easily picks up the common social etiquette and wants for itself weddings, parties, gatherings which are convential. is more of a 'good mood' sort of thing and when people are happy they are all working together for the same thing, right? So that's essentially what strives for- a group of people happy working for the same goal.

is about finding individual purpose and meaning, so though it enjoys it really has an uncontrollable need to reflect on its own purpose and place. I think types never separate themselves from the circumstance, they weigh down the situation with their own inner reflection, considering always how they relate to the matter at hand.

To put it simply, without these lengthy elaborations which are unscientific and vague(and predictably common) I think that Jung's definition of the functions is the best:

Thinking=what it is
Feeling=whether it is agreeable or not

sensing=that it is there
intuition=where it came from and where it is going

I also like an old socionics analogy:


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