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Introverted thinking is a rebellion against or a resistance to contemporary thinking(which is also introverted feeling, but introverted feeling does not attempt to supplant thinking with feeling but instead it strives to reformulate an original perspective which is contrary to the conventions of thinking. It is of a purer type. So instead of "adding" to the norms it actually simplifies them through subtraction of unnecessary details. For example, extraverted thinking complicates reality, constantly adding rules and laws as circumstances demand, convoluting reality, whereas introverted thinking seeks to isolate itself and focus on one point and perfect it. This may be construed as thinking in general for some, but in my opinion introverted thinking also carries a sense of profundity and mystery, one could say even mythological, which does not attach itself to extraverted thinking. Introverted thinking tends to maintain its attachment to its source, as well. So an idea developed via introverted thinking usually has an individual attached to it whereas with extraverted thinking it pertains to common knowledge. I'll add that I think it is possible, because of the introverted preference, for Introverted Thinking to also create convolutions and unnecessary complications, especially in a highly reductionistic extraverted thinking culture/context. In this case I think it may take on schizoid characteristics and that is something we see often. It may go off on tangents and seem "too deep" The introverted attitude can very easily harm the individual simply to maintain its autonomy and we find cases of that all over the place with people who go too deep into their inner world of thoughts and build up all sorts of complicated frameworks of logic which really do not stand the test of reality.

As for intuition; we find something which distinguishes itself from the physical. Jung says intuition is where a thing came from and where it is going. One could say it rebels against the physical. It sees the totality of the past, present and future. It knows more than what currently is displayed. When this is introverted it seeks self understanding and when it is extraverted it pertains to the outside would. I think that extraverted intuition may seem more adventurous and charismatic, going about exploring and doing all sorts of things, whereas introverted intuition will be the opposite of charismatic but is just as likely to be adventurous, but these adventures will be more profound, pertaining to, perhaps, the sacred or mysterious. It will be about individuation as opposed to being an inspiration to the world like its extraverted counterpart.

Trying to make this further concrete I'll say that extraverted thinkers are often the active, positive thinkers we see in the context of 'the real world'. They are very involved and dominant in their fields of activity. They are always ''on task'' Contrary to this we often find that the introverted thinkers may find themselves in similar roles but they tend toward being unhappy with their work and instead always seem to be working on something of their own 'on the side' and their job is merely a means to an end.

With introverted intuitives we find people who have taken on their role as an inward motivation, so you find that they are more likely to be comfortable with their role and have a power and influence not present in an introverted thinker. They exist where they are because they brought themselves there. They may loathe the whole work atmosphere, but they have the inner power to dominate it because they 'found their place'. Contrary to this the extraverted intuitive is more spontaneous and is there ''in passing''. They will seem inspiring and chaotic and radical whereas the introverted intuitive will seem more self-controlled and be more conservative. The introverted intuitive will seem more permanent whereas the extraverted intuitive will seem like he isn't going to last.

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