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these are my ideal types

Socionics Type Assistant: Normal mode: ESTJ Reversed mode: ESFx Combined mode: ESxj Extended summary ESFP/ESTP

Socionics Type Assistant Turbo: ESTJ

Socionics Type Assistant Turbo /// XL: ESFJ

16 Type Quiz ( ESTJ

Cognitive Quiz ( ESFJ

my ideal type is clearly ESxx

the next step from here would be going to and check which quadra i identify the most with or identifying which set of mbti functions i identify more with via this is where the real work begins but the possible type has already been narrowed down from 16 to 4

Socionics Quadras
ESFj = alpha
ESTp = beta
ESFp = gamma
ESTj = delta

MBTI Functions
ESFJ = Fe Si Ne Ti
ESTP = Se Ti Fe Ni
ESFP = Se Fi Te Ni
ESTJ = Te Si Ne Fi

bias is really interesting and is showing itself now. i constantly have the intuitive types in the back of my head as "ideals" but according to testing they arent my ideals

just a fun note i tend to idealize alpha males/females and i might have stumbled into the four quadras alphas just a thought. if one would put four people of these four types in a room you would get an interesting dynamic

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