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Default Re: Distortions in Self-Report Data

Personality testing is usually exclusively self report, which is always subjective.
Probably all self testing is incorrect then.

quote:Originally posted by FDG:

quote:Originally posted by SG:
What about if someone is just cuckoo mad?

What about a serious reply to a serious question?
To Nietzsche, madness was the behavior of believing and stating things that the common people would never understand, much less agree with. Madness, then, is "abnormal behavior" that is not indicative of mental instability. Madness is found in people who try to relate wisdom through humor or metaphor. Madness is the expression of a unique idea in unique way. Madness isn't really harmful (although those with unique ideas do tend to be harassed if they are particularly deviant). In a way, Madness is just an expression of individuality.
Why should this interfer with testing? A mad person is not insane.
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