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Originally Posted by Dewy View Post
I can see where you're coming from. Since ENTps are never content to stay in one place long, they can never settle and fall into being content. But I would argue that being content doesn't necessarily equate happiness.
Yes. And this is the hell of an ENTp... Haha!

Originally Posted by Dewy View Post
I love jumping from one thing to another and it truly makes me happy. For some, like me, being content means being in a rut. Constant change drives me and I thrive on the chaos of it. I can't imagine simply being "content". I think it might make me claustrophobic. That might just be my youth talking, though
Well exactly. But life has other plans for us... In the end the world will try to change us as well as the other way around... And again, this is the hell (paradise?) of an ENTp.

The Duracell rabbit can only jump for so long!

I think old ENTps are happy -they succumb to reality in the end.

What can be more amazing than living in the here and now with your five senses? Direct contact with reality.
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