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Hugs from a new-by ESFJ! (a student of arts , a lover of books and in need of help)

Loving the ideas that socionics brings compared to
MBTI(even though the system has some bugs) I have studied the functions in more than 2 weeks.

Typing oneself has been more of a problem to me(unfortunately). Using my intuition I would clearly say I have the characteristics of an ENTP(female), I am very confident in and , and I clearly disagree with the limitations of the ESFJ type(the differences of sex as a standard for humans is mediocre, I am equal to any human near me, be it male or female, and I disagree with the cleanliness obsession in contrast to my mental attributes). But the testing found on the web and my attitude with people is of high ESFJ(I fonded this repulsing for I am not a housewife, nor a pig-head). This, as a result, has brought a lot of stress in my life.
Hoping though that this problem can be solved( being in peace with myself if I am the problem or finding the problem/s in the socionics).

By an other point of view I have found a lot of new mentalities and world-views that are intriguing and loving to exchange data with any type .
Hope we can be friends!
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