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Talking I hate introductions...

*bows* hajimemashite....yoroshiku onegaishimasu

I'm INFJ. Occasionally turn out INFP. But it doesn't matter. Because I can mix and match into every type I want if the occasion calls for it. So maybe I'm really an ENFJ (the actor).

I'm here for purely impractical reasons. I'm not a researcher though I am a psychology student. Mainly, I'm an empath. I first pick up how others perceive me, which is usually a mix of naive, incompetent, arrogant, self-absorbed, and disrespectful. I generally piss those off who secretly loathe themselves because I mirror to others who they are. So if you're pissed reading this, look in the mirror.

Besides this, I have a tender heart and a childlike, playful spirit. Free from toxic environments, I truly love who I am. This is my greatest strength and something many covet.

Also, there's always something interesting brewing around me. My life would make a good novel or TV series. I'm secretive and blunt, a combination which draws some types like bees to honey. So, I always carry lots of bug spray. Wanna know something about me? Please ask. I'm always up for a good debate/discussion.
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