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Originally Posted by shadowpuppet View Post
I'd rather incorporate it into own of my own games and pitch the whole thing...

Do you think I might be LIE, or ILE?
I made my first computer game when I was 16 or something. It was called 15 treasures and was written in basic with no proper graphics whatsoever, instead everything was built with ASCII. You had to run around collecting treasures and had a time limit. You could grab more than 1 treasure at a time but you would become heavier and the bridges were programmed to take that into account, so your chances that a bridge would collapse were increasing. Also if you went over the same bridge more than once it would become weaker etc. There were dangers, like traps with spiders etc. I even went to the extent of making cut scenes when you were getting eaten or falling through. I think there was even some very simple beep music in it lol. This game died with the tape I saved it on. The end.
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