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Why do you think the ISFp is so good at feeding and stoking the fires of your Ne? Do you think it is their Si maybe?
I think it's probably the combination Si/Fe that does it. The fact that ISFp enjoys knowings things and sharing them in a dynamic way is really constructive. Because ISFp has an enthusiasm for knowledge that exists in the details rather than the ideas, it means that I can take the lead and be the idea person, which removes the edge of competition and simply allows me to enjoy ISFp's company. They can bounce details at my head until one of them sticks to my gears and gets them lubed up for my next big idea. That being said, I think if I were deep into my Ti cups, an ISTp like yourself could manage to do the same thing. Generally I am an ENTp who puts more emphasis on my Ne, but if I decide I want something, or I start to get really serious or particularly manipulative I start to build up my Ti, at which point I would much prefer a coolly rational discussion with the Si/Te than the enthusiasm of the Si/Fe.

Sorry for the double post, but in retrospect, I take back what I said at the end. If I were to fall into a sub-type, I would be a Ti, selector type. But in a manner that's a little hard to explain, I also put a lot of emphasis on my Ne. I can't really go into it in detail without revealing things about myself that I would rather not share, ENTp that I am. In essence, my outside face is rather different from my inside face. What a surprise...

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