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Originally Posted by IntjWurm View Post
What about transmitting?
Yes dumping the crap. And fluorescening!! -Digesting part of the spectrum and emitting new light?

Originally Posted by IntjWurm View Post
I too am a composer; I also like to jam and improvise freely. I am not sure about the solution to your problem, but you might want to look into Type 3 Enneagrams; they are motivated to glorify this ideal.
What type of music do you make?

Originally Posted by IntjWurm View Post
I am:
I(100%) N(100%) T(100%) J(66%)
R(82%) C(90%) O(82%) E(90%) I(90%)
5(112%) w6(71%)
and 100% LII - I'm surprised at the conspicuous absence of this notation in the forums (I was quite certain that this was the official jargon of socionics). I am an experimental physicist working with molecular films and their surface interactions at atomic resolution; I have also worked in sex pheromone discovery and light detection and ranging. I value theories that are supported beyond reference contexts.
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