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Default Type me, type me!

Bad double entandre I know.
But go ahead, you know you want to....slap a four letter acronym on me. Since I'm now utterly lost as to my type, I figure I need some expert advice. I'll pretend the tests I've taken don't exist for simplicity's sake (they seem only to confuzzle things even more).

I'm not a people person, it may take me weeks to warm up to a group of people. Often I will put up a mental block to keep myself from being overwhelmed emotionally or socially-I rarely let down my guard. I tend to be blunt, straightforward, and do not mince words when giving my opinion (not always an asset, I've discovered). I value justice and fairness, even if it's apparently against my personal preferences. However, it takes me forever to make up my mind about certain things, and most of the time I will end up in the middle ground because I would rather not make a decision than be proven wrong. Usually as a reaction I'll make an impulsive decision that only propogates the fear of being wrong-or inaccurate.
I value practical people, but I'm a chronic fantasist, I daydream most of my days away. I enjoy art, music, spiritual topics, or any attempt at them for their own sake, and I like a variety of topics. I'm fatally curious and this has gotten me into trouble in the past. Puzzles and mysteries fascinate me.

I dislike authority figures, and will sometimes play the devil's advocate for no apparent reason (I won't be arguing a point so much as I will be arguing against someone else's).

Apparently I have a morbid, very sick sense of humor. I can be sarcastic at times, but I take others' remarks at face value, and often become offended because I can't tell if they're engaging me in witty, playful gest or if they're underhandedly mocking me. I take requests and orders very literally "Could I have a pencil, please?" Means exactly one pencil, any pencil, type or proximity not specified.

I am emotionally very aloof, or so I'm told. Sometimes I will think things without communicating them, and this frustrates others. I will have a perfectly sound reason in my mind for doing things, but to others it will look absurd or unfounded. My social skills tend to decline as a result.

...well, I think that's enough to put you all to sleep for now.

Any ideas?

*waits for sentancing*
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