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Default Re: type test - intuition and sensibility ...

Originally posted by alphaquerist:

The answer was that I tied. One thing rmcnew,answering the test does call in some cultural differences. Q3 for example would be condemned in my culture for the violence it deals with, as a result of which I & probably a lot of others frm my culture (irrespective of their N & S orientation) might choose a particular response.

I also think there is a technical problem with the test. After I click on ans 3, ans 5 gets removed & vice-versa. It has shown me "tied" three times.

I wish u all the best in developing ur test .The process of ur making this test is providing me with a lot of insights into socionics.
Thanks ...

Yeah, I admit that some aspects of the test [such as the sets of pictures] are open to having flawed or bias results. I may take that part of the test out when I finish writting the paragraphs for introverted and extroverted thinking.
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