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Hi everyone.
I'm new to the whole forums thing. I'm only 15 but I'm dying to know my type to the point where its consuming a great portion of my life and thoughts. I like to think that I'm an NT, but I'll lay back for now before I give my life story. This is just a test, I couldn't figure out how to get it to accept my posts, some of them are closed I guess.

K so, I'm an enneagram 4w5(thats what I test). I tend to manipulate and over analyze other tests. I have scored INTP but it doesn't seem like me. Frankly I could even be and ESxx though I would dread it! I should do a vi or something, can't be objective with myself. ISTJ, INFJ, ISFP INTJ maybe. Ive considered all the other introverted types. I've been through some rough times with depression and extreme anxiety, I feel I need this to fall back on. I constantly analyze my self and every situation and its paranoid half the time. Forgive any immature, naive teenage speech patterns I might have.

Originally Posted by Mountaindog View Post
INTp, 5w4. I pick on F types as much as possible.

That's all I need say now.
Maybe we'll see if you pick on me, do you suppose that might be the best indicator as to whether I'm an F or not.

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