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Default Re: Can It Be? (Very Long, sry, bear with me plz)

Here are some random thoughts I might as well share.

So what you are talking about with the whole Einstein/Newton idea is creating a stable paradigm in the area of interpersonal psychology... This is very hard to do in a science without strict quantitation of parameters that are used to establish patterns and rules. What will be quantified in socionics? Noone seems to agree on a test that is at least minimally acceptable to demarcate dispositions of function, unlike in "traditional" sciences such as physics and chemistry that have standards that are accepted by nearly everyone.

Also, as an interesting side note, I think Newton was every bit as bright, if not perhaps brighter, than Einstein. Each scientist achieved the creation of a new system that explained certain natural phenomena better than a previous theory, in addition to allowing for the explanation of anomalous occurances. These anomalous occurances are, of course, the reasons why new scientific theories are developed in the first place. These ideas were elaborated quite well by Thomas Kuhn-- interesting stuff.

So the question is, can socionics establish these strict guidelines that other hard sciences seem to possess? And should it? I actually think disciplines are more interesting if they are discontinuous... This doesn't necessarily make everyone happy, but it is probably more realistic and doesn't reduce a wide spectrum of phenomena to a few simple rules, which puts limitations on what can be explained...
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