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Default Can It Be? (Very Long, sry, bear with me plz)

Hello, I am an INFJ and am fairly acquainted with the MBTI and socionics theory. My main concern is whether socionics provides accurate information (I know that such skepticism is prevalent with those of a thinking preference). Simply put I just want scientific proof- once again rather uncharacteristic of my type which only heightens my suspicion.

I just feel that it is too hard to believe that people can be defined by these profiles which I think are rather general guidelines that partially pigeon-hole several people. Though I will agree that the INFJ profile’s general guidelines correspond with mine- such as my religious convictions to compassion for others- some do not; for example it says that I cannot stand violence. This is to a degree correct. I do not like resorting to physical confrontations and will rather try to avoid them; but in extreme cases where action is necessary, I am prepared to face adversity. I also like to watch fighting events such as UFC and Pride Fighting Championship and actually train in three martial arts: kickboxing, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I'm not trying to be negative (please do not doubt me moderators) but it just seems too good to be true. I have an earnest interest in people and their emotions. I try to put general concepts around humans and what they would do in certain situations; but this, this site with its descriptions is the equivalent of Einstein discovering the theory of relativity. It is incredible but once again it’s so descriptive that I cannot help but be skeptic. I am wary though because of the physical descriptions. It is too specific but to my amazement, the physical description of an INFJ, including aesthetic tastes were remarkably accurate.

Many may conjecture from above that I am actually an INTP but this is far from true. I am rather organized and plan my actions in advance and have compassion for several humanist causes such as starving children in Africa to helping fellow Christians at my school to the point where it may move me to tears. Also I hate math… yes, I admit. I prefer literature and writing.

In conclusion- and I know most of you must be muttering to yourself finally, you driveling pedant- I simply want proof and nothing more. Opinions or anecdotes will not help unless I see some scientific fact. Moderators please do not delete this because it took me a long time to write such a composition and also because this is an interesting question that is pursued by the most ardent defenders of socionics. So basically, this is to your advantage, IF you could support your claims. Thank you and I will now shut up… lol.
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