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Default Re: The narrow-mindedness of Russian Socionics

BR, I agree. I don't think Socionics will make it much further than it has gone if people use it as a false prop.

@Rick and Sergei,
I think Cameron is ENTp. If you compare cameron's ideas with Spielberg's I think that the difference in logic shows through. I find(personally) that spielberg's movies come across as very illogical and ridiculous. They also have ethically based themes. They express alot of possibilities but the focus seems to be a conflict of logic and ethics, ethics always being the victor. He is a "moral" man. When he talks I am often anxious for him to shut up.

With Cameron it is different. The Terminator storyline, for example, is all theoretical logic. Robots, warfare, time travel, organic vs. inorganic. The emphasis is hardly on morals, although morals play a part its obvious that is more of a "filler" for storyline. And when cameron talks I can relate and also I can gauge where he is going to far or is being too pompous... so I can predict when he is going to retreat and bring his sentences to a close.

These are just my own observations, but in my opinion these two men are very radical but also very different in how they express their ideas.
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