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Default Re: type test - intuition and sensibility ...

Thank you for answering, MacNew.

The way I see it, we are both talking about the same. The difference lies in the tradition. It's a potato -potato thing. I studied socionics in Estonian and it hasn't been influenced so much by the MBTI/Keirsey, instead the material (which is short) is translated from the originals. The thing is different with you. You have been influenced a lot by American typology so you approach the way you are teached to understand Jung. They don't seem to differ large, but there is one. American knowledge is more vague, Eastern-European one is structured and more logically proven. I say
is a Volitional Sensing, you say Se is experience, concrete and things like that. You can see both are similar. Mine is just more concrete when defineing the term.

I wish you a beautifull day.

With best wishes,

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