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I'm trying to figure out what type I am. As this post cannot be accessed in the place I originally posted it, save by members of that forum, I am posting it here. Any valid, sincere answers are welcomed - in other words, if you're just popping off, you may be ignored, but if you're serious, I'll look at what you have to say.

Me: I need stability in my life, and I wish to know what is going on when, but I demand the right/ability to be flexible myself. You all don't want to see my room; in 20 years, I have never developed the self-discipline to keep the darned thing clean. I hate household chores. I hate being told what to do; I would rather be advised, with the final decision left to me. I hate having to assert my authority if I don't have complete control. I'm not usually assertive, and my efficiency, *isn't*; however, I have a tendency to do something my way if I feel it is more efficient (disregarding what someone else would want). My motivation is low (unless it's what I want to do), and to make hard decisions to do something, I may call in someone else to "give me a boost", ie get their opinion to back me up and cement my resolve. I don't tend to pay attention to what's going on around me, and my spatial skills are pretty bad; I tend to hold a hand out as I round a corner so I can feel where it is rather than possibly bump into it. I hate having my intelligence insulted. I prefer one-on-one communication, but a small group's fine in some circumstances. I can cook well, but sometimes I miscalculate and do something wrong. I enjoy categorization to some degree, and I love understanding people. I like passionate people, but I dislike people who come on too strong (emotionally or otherwise). I operate out of my values; I've really had to strain to conform to my parents' after years of passive rebellion, and I still hate it. I have a fast walk. I spend a lot of time in my head, and I love fantasy. I hate confrontation, but I have no problem griping about someone to someone else, nor did I have a problem in adolescence when someone complained to me about someone else. I only take issue with name-calling behind someone's back. I sometimes hold grudges, depending on the offense. I don't plan if I don't have to, and I don't manage time well. I spend a lot of time stuck in the past or worrying about the future. And this is all totally random, I know. I'm not organizing it. I've never been much for conflict, but only recently have I really begun considering other people's feelings.

I TILT easily. Ever seen those pinball machines shut down when rattled? My brain has a tendency to do that when it hits overload; it's like it tries to take the information in and make it fit together, but it can't keep up. It's bad enough that I have friends who will do it to me on purpose, for the fun of it. Also, my morals are somewhere in-between conviction and an ability to see the consequences. If I don't foresee consequences, I do it. Or I refuse to think about the consequences and do it, but I'm capable of thinking about them. Get bitten in the butt, that way. I have become mediator-ish, able to consider different sides of an issue, but I've been informed (by my parents) that I wasn't always that way. My organizational skills are present, and I use them to make life easier; this encompasses my e-mail and my files. My physical surroundings tend to be abysmal. My financial skills aren't (existent). I have a frustrating belief not in the goodness of humanity by any means, but in the goodness of people around me (ie they wouldn't lie to me, cheat me, etc). That's cost me, and I've become more cynical over the years. And I'm not totally resistant to being told what to do, by any means. If someone needs me to do something, fine. I can be obliging, and I don't always mind helping. I just don't appreciate others telling me how to live my life. I dislike others having power (ie strong influence) over me, but I don't mind having it over them. If someone's afraid of me (healthily so), that's fine and actually quite amusing. I'm competitive, and I refuse to compete with someone if I'm concerned that I'll lose.

Me as a kid: I've toned myself down a lot since childhood, because people disapproved of me; I was openly rebellious, good with at least some details, impulsive (more so than now), and good at making friends in random places (grocery store, etc). I also spent time making up stories (I was writing character profiles before age 10) and playing make-believe with my toys. Tact was not my strong point. I was also emotionally expressive.

Interaction with others:

Little brother: I would swear he's Se-leading. He's a performer. He tries to be emotionally manipulative; I dig my heels in and continue to tell him no. He tries to be persistent; I tell him no. He attempts to tell me what to do; I react badly. He's a nice kid, I'm sure; we just have issues. I like him when he's calm.

Little sister: In MB, she's an _SFJ (we're not sure whether she's E or I). Wonderful kid, IMO. She cooks, she makes stuff...and I'm happy to let her. She's also very giving, and she's pretty compliant. I tease her mercilessly, especially when she's mad (in which case, she's funny) or sad (generally also funny), but I also make sure she knows I love her (I'd hate for her to think otherwise). I try to lift her spirits when she's down, be it through jokes or simple explanation.

Mother: ESFJ/ESFj, but she's developed N traits over the years, too. I try to curb her happy Se (aka Se demonstrative), because it's too forceful and it annoys me. She criticizes my lack of motivation/assertiveness, as well as my lack of planning (or sticking to my plans, definitely). She tells me I need to be more responsible, too, and she dislikes my laziness (I hate chores and avoid them when possible, but I also tend to forget about them). We can definitely have fun together. She also pops off to get a reaction from me (because she knows she will). She was rather physically abusive for a time (admittedly, the same was done to her, and in greater quantity), and I know not to push things with her. There's a definite psychological barrier between us due to that; I refuse to let it down.

Father: ENTJ/possible ENTj. The verdict is still out on the latter, as he has to finish reading the profile. Te-leading. *grinds teeth* When I was a child, he would show me how to do something faster (or that I could do something faster). Left me with a feeling of incompetence (not on purpose, I know). Still, I think we got along better before I hit adolescence. As an adolescent, he discounted my opinions and attempted to shove his down my throat. Yes, I'm still dealing with resentment from that. He also lectured...I hear that tone in his voice now and, I tune out. Intellectually, we get along fine, unless we get into a heated discussion. I'll tell him off in a heartbeat (which I would with Mom, save the above). He's the manager of a lab, very analytical, and very focused on efficiency. He's also the "how can we take this experience and learn from it?" type. Also, when I explain socionics to him, he asks me, "Where is the practical application?" Intellectually, we get along; we tell each other about cool things we found. However, we're both very stubborn, and I'll go at his throat (metaphorically) over an issue.

I had an ST friend (at least, I think he's ST) last summer who kept me pulled together and took care of the cooking (we were in college). I let him, but sometimes it got kind of annoying (such as when he would prepare my instant oatmeal or offer to help me with something). I'm not helpless. We were quite opposite and complemented each other well. However, he was a lying, charming, manipulative pain in the behind, and I got burned. I had an INT_ friend in high school; I thought we had a lot in common, but apparently, we were quite opposite. I have a memory of closeness. However, the details are fuzzy (that was between Fall '02 and the middle of Spring '04). I was the dominant one, and I was the happier one, and a few times, I ran Fi interference (a couple of times, he asked to me to just in case he felt like pounding someone). He apparently saw me as someone to protect/keep an eye on, though I never knew that until he said something about it. We did a lot of verbal sparring.
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