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There is a quirk that I have seen enfp's and infp's have ... I may be way off base, but....

INFP's have this bubbly persona that they use with other people or when they are trying to change the mood of someone they sense is upset. They do some of the silliest things, but if you know them well, and they trust you you end up seeing a completely different side of them in private. The serious and sensitive side of them. They also test you. If they see you look past the persona they project and that you don't judge the book by the cover, they let you in. INFJ's do the same thing sometimes, but they don't always have the silliness, though they can.

ENFP's... I've seen them do this in writing. Don't ask me why. They can be silly and goofy and fun in writing, but behind it there are serious thoughts they aren't letting out. Sometimes, if you know them well, they will broadside you with the most cuttingly accurate statements, but you have to be extremely close to them to hear the real thoughts. It's almost like an INFP, but it's reversed.

When they are going through a transformation, just like anyone else, they can wear a million and one masks. The problem is that I don't know Kensi in person.

I'm married to an ENTP. Have been for almost 15 years. They are a completely different animal. Their is a slyness about them that is reminiscent of an ENTJ. It's more ENTJ-lite in comparison. Their humor is playful but sharp at the same time. Feelers seem to use humor to change the mood.

I wouldn't let anyone have the final say in my personality. There are a million reasons someone can be acting out of sorts. Only the person can tell what is what.
"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." - Mahatma Gandhi

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