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This is a rather good analysis and I would suggest that you would seriously take a look at it kensi.

Something else to add, it's been something i've noted is that Te types like to give rather long explanations for things. When you look at what they are writing..they seem often to elaborate on various factual information and factual logical informations/conclusions/thoughts which is related to whatever the topic is at hand..All of it they see as useful. This is them 'showing' and I reckon 'using' their Te in a way, which they enjoy doing, and for some reason Te seeking types are receptive to it (which I'm glad for lol-they like hearing the facts and put together in this coherent 'sensible' way)

When you look at my posts, this tends to be what I do, and with you at times being not particularly receptive to it, it does suggest kensi that you are not Te valueing/'accepting.'

Also fwiw, the important thing I reckon is to find your type, there isn't really one type better than the other overall (except mine ) ..but we like it cause it's our type
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