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Originally Posted by SG View Post
Here you go, the introduction thread, to make it a bit easier for the newcomers I'll start...

Hi everyone! I'm SG the creator of ...
Hi SG and everybody!
This portal is really great! I have got first information about Socionics from my friend who travelled to Ukraine and Russia. We are from Czech Republic and we don't have any materials translated, so we are translating from english and russian to czech everything. I have oriented in this "science" very quickly and I understand! I can confirm many theories from my life and my intuition. And socionics gives me certainty, that I was truth in everything. I'm Dostojevskij archetype (INFj).

I'm freelance webdesigner, graphic and coder. Now I work in feng-shui/green architect atelier. SG, you are manager or webdesigner too ?

I think that can be very interesting to share, where peoples of different types found their right fateful jobs. For me, I can say that I'm still finding . But I have a right direction I think. I'm studying special Waldorf pedagogic. I can imagine me at work as personal consultant, feng-shui consultant or as an executive in justice of the peace .

But, how I understand socionics, important is develop our abilities, perceive and overcome our weakness and grow to integrality without any habitual behaviours. Tend towards conscious act.

Cheers Jirka
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