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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
If you follow the works of Swiss neurobiologists Kamila and Henry Makram, you will see that among the most recent hyposits is that autism comes about from a hypersensitivity to the world, that is, the autistic experiences the senses so strongly that the brain is unable to process it, it leaves the brain overwhelmed.

THAT is what the mind of an autist is like, THAT has nothing to do with Ni, nor is it attributed to Ni in any way that I can think of, even "extreme" Ni.
Autism isn't type related, autism has nothing to do with Ni. All I'm saying is that from an outsider's perspective an autistic person appears disconnected from reality, a trait that is often attributed to Ni types.

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Well, are you familiar with all the socionists and their take on this? Leaving aside what a 'socionist' is just now, if you have heard of Tatyana Prokofieva, she is head of some socionics institute in Ukraine. She has written articles relating type to career choice, indeed she believes in order to excel we need a job which uses our ego block.
You can apply your ego functions to any career. Finding a "niche" within your job where your ego functions are used frequently I think is more useful than career/type stereotypes.

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
I suppose I have issues with you stating things as fact when they are not, that is one of the things I see as 'attacking", notwithstanding that you probably don't understand where Prom is coming from, and that he hasn't posted for months.
What statements are you talking about? When writing you try to stay away from "I think" and "I feel" and "in my opinion" because it's redundant and it weakens your position. Obviously, everything in my posts is what I believe, think, etc. As for Prom, why do you keep bringing him into this?
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