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Default Looney

INTj - Marvin the Martian
ENTp - Wile E. Coyote
ISFp - Speedy Gonzales
ESFj - Granny

ISTj - Yosemite Sam
ESTp - Tasmanian Devil
INFp - Pepé Le Pew
ENFj - Tweety Bird

INTp - Porky Pig
ENTj - Spike the Dog
ISFj - Roadrunner
ESFp -
Daffy Duck

ISTp - Elmer Fudd
ESTj - Foghorn Leghorn
INFj -
Bugs Bunny
ENFp - Sylvester the Cat

*IMHO Daffy and Marvin are obvious conflictors
(and Daffy and Porky make a perfect dual couple) in the Duck Dodgers episodes. Other prominent conflictors include Wile/Roadrunner and Bugs/Taz.


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