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Originally Posted by kensi View Post
How old r u?
how long have you been doing this socionics thing?
If you tell me it doesn't work why don't you explain yourself ?( i don't find that acceptable ---you shouldn't be on this forum )( in other words keep quiet till you come up with an explanation like everybody else on this site)?

But the thing is kensi, I explained why it (IST - EST etc) wouldn't work, more or less by the basis of Ashura the creator of socionics, and how the intertype is pretty much the backbone of socionics. This information I gave was probably Te, which you do not value, showing of course by you asking your question(s).

In regards to your other questions, there are simply status valueing questions, we already know you have practiced "socionics" for 5 years or so, and this and that. This status thing could yet again, be attributed to Se. Such questions shouldn't really matter to 'delta' or 'alpha' as much as they do to you.
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