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Hello I am mystery, this is probably the only punctuated post I'll make. I am 25 years old, for most of my childhood I showed INTJ traits coupled with a few INTP ones as well, probably out of necessity. That was from ages 8-16 or so, from ages 17 onwards, I started showing more and more INTP traits and this was not so good because one should not be labouring under the impression they are an INTP when they are an INTJ. It did (not) help that I suffered from malnutrition due to my already existing INTP personality dominance, despite it being the foreign one. 2 days ago as of this message I took a multi-vitamin and within hours I had started demonstrating ridiculously clear INTJ traits, with what I thought was ADD/ADHD simply ceasing to exist, and no manic or depressive qualities which I found rather interesting.

I got diagnosed as an INTP when I was about 12 or 13, and took to it like crazy since it was the best system of classification of personalities that I had seen yet, and all the others were terrible. I was bored 4 days ago (2 days before taking the multi-vitamin) and started to research stuff online, socionics was one thing I stumbled across and it piqued my interest and here I am now, but it also showed me a different classification system similar to the MBTI and while it was more complicated, it was also a little more precise in differentiation and allowed for multiple "similar types" to be suggested. This suggests to me that socionics understands that people can cross between very similar personality types/traits while staying within a certain range.

Anyways, you may be wondering why I sound like I'm praising "the multi-vitamin" like the almighty god, and the reason is that really this is the only change I've had in my routine, and I feel I previously acted like an INTP because sitting around and thinking is quite like an INTP, but I was probably suffering from exhaustion/depression/malnutrition which would lead to less precise thinking and details would get lost, so I wouldn't act, which is a bit like an INTP's behaviour, according to both the MBTI and socionics. within less than a day of taking the pill everything has changed, it has only been 2 days so I am slightly hesitant to make this claim, however the change is as noticeable as a knock to the head for me so I retain my confidence. Another thing is that I drank twice as much caffeine as I did days ago and within half the time about 6 hours ago, and have only noticed a very slight uptick in my hyperactivity/impulsivity which is fairly meek compared to usual (even when taking into consideration the other times where I drink caffeine and build up a tolerance).

My thought is that if the only change is a multi-vitamin and all known actions and their corollaries change hours after, and are maintained for a whole day or two, then my apparent INTP'ness is just a symptom of my lack of ability to funtion properly, and that I am really an INTJ.

It may be subliminal even and this thought alone makes my belief self evident in a sense but no matter what it is, placebo or otherwise it works and that's what I care about.

If this keeps up I'm going to have to call this a life changing event.

please note that there may be terrible spelling, suffix, prefix and punctuation errors, I normally talk like this very paragraph/sentence/unholy abomination of grammar, as if I really am speaking to someone in person (commas are found in my posts frequently as pauses, because I pause while talking sometimes, however I don't spell out exclamation marks, or periods when talking in real life!)

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