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Originally Posted by CrashingDiamond View Post
Haha! Wooow I have so much to respond to... But the funny thing is, is before I got to the stores, I was very zombie-like. When I was done shopping, I felt really good and I had a lot of energy.
EP temperament ftw? ;0

<- My friend Adrian just told me to put that because she loves it.
Types may not be cut from cookies but sure can make cookie cutter functions :-D (reminds me of other thread where some forum member wants our cookies, if only there were enough to go round, sorry, I have to eat these 500 cookies myself).

Some people have said I could possibly be a thinker. I've never really considered it because emotions influence me so greatly. But, maybe it is a slight possibility. Actually, now that I read the description of an ENTP, it could very well fit me as ENFP or INFP would. Infact, it fits me quite well.. But, I think I'm definitely more of a feeler. I'm constantly going 'Oh, I feel so bad' or, 'Oh, that makes me feel _____'
The bell is going to ring soon, I'll finish this later.
Yeah you sound like an F type
I do not think ESFP is a possbility, just to add quick. I pay little attention to my senses unless it's hard not to.
I don't think so either, there's been some things i've noticed that point away from you having Se ego ime
Like, something smells super good, or there is something reaaaally soft, or someone is wearing an insanely bright shirt, haha.. Unless, I'm getting 'sensing' all wrong?
No you've got it right, esp to me this sounds like an ENFp looking to describe her socionic introverted sensing! Pretty cool I think
I also know that I DO NOT live in the here and now. I live in the past and the future. I cried last night about something that happened almost a month ago.
I can see this. The more you've spoke here the more I can see you being ENFp. You remind me of someone I know who's ENFp, also you remind me of someone who types themself as ENFp with an Fi subtype.

Dunno if it's worth looking into really, maybe as people with *strong* subtypes can have an impact on them, although i'm not sure if you have a strong subtype, anyway most important thing is to know your type, and the rest can make sense itself as for how you want to use it or something, lol. Seems you've done that now!

(I wanted to say that for me anyway, that noticing subtypes over the internet isn't always easy, so you may not be an Fi sub type, however I thought i'd post it incase you were interested to check, sub types may [or may not] be useful or interesting... depending)!

But maybe yes maybe not, but here's a link for descriptions of ENFp Ne sub type and ENFp Fi sub type:
Wow, Cyclops, you've written quite a bit. I really appreciate it.
You're welcome, it's been pleasant talking with you.

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