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Originally Posted by Kanerou View Post
In various posts throughout the thread.
Thanks found them - they were on tiny little links, which is why my blantant skim reading missed tham.

About IEI...I'm not too sure

There was alot of intersting stuff on the video's two things I noticed in particular.

1. Your favourite quote, "when injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty" - I hope that was reasonably accurate - This seemed quite telling to me, I'd be inclined to say that it seemed fairly IEI'sh, but wouldn't want to necessarily read to much into it. I think that perhaps your explanation of why you liked it was perhaps more informative than the quote itself. You explained your ideals very clearly, as opposed to your explanation for the lottery prediction or toilet paper installation, which was done with far less confidence. I'd say perhaps that the tone of your voice and the emphasis you placed on your ideals showed both your confidence in this area and your commitment to them.

2. I'm specualting here, but the way that you answered the questions, also seemed socionically introverted to me. In the sense that people were taking the initiative in asking you questions and the way that you seemed very comfortable and natural answering them, perhaps as if this is how you are most comfortable interacting with people in real life?

From the video's I'd say socially outgoing IEI sounds like a good typing, provisionally at least. Just to let you know I am not someone who types people definitively, as I've mentioned I'm kind of just speculating.

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