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Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
You see it with your own eyes when you look at the person acting. You can also determine the temperament by measuring energy levels over an extended period of time.
So in other words....VI IRL.

But quadra energies too are observeable...albeit never the final answer. Sometimes if you have somebody narrowed down to one or two types, bingo, take a look at their quadra energy dispositions and that gives you further support or denial. Also that depends on how good the observer is at understanding the systematic connections of the quadra energies...and how fast one can answer (thru VI IRL) Whats the INTj's 3rd function, his eight now, now his 5th etc etc.....or how about that ESFj there whats his 2nd, now is he acting upon the insights of his 7th, now his logic is back to dominant Fe.. etc.etc.
Some Sort of Si + Fi valueing type.
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