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Originally Posted by RSV3 View Post
Just to clarify:

In regards to the questions you answered a while back, the results were inconclusive like I had initially stated they probably would be when I first posted the test to you. I still stand by the principle that the best typing method is IRL observation + interaction + interviewing. Here are the results of your answers

1) LII—indicative of Si hidden agenda
2) ILI
3) --
4) --
5) LII—indicative of Fi in the role function
6) LII—indicative of Ne
7) ILI—indicative of Ni
8) LII—IJ temperament + Si as hidden agenda
9) ILI—An LII wants to see more finite results, an ILI, open and continuous possibilities
10) ILI—Fi in the hidden agenda
11) --
12) LII
13) --
14) ILI—Se seeking
Total Results
Yes, here I used the INTj as opposed to LII notation and the reversed T/F S/N ordering so that I could expose the differences in MBTI and socionics more quickly. Thank you anyways for your classification attempt - I suppose that it is not unlikely that I possess a balance of qualities of both INTj and INTp.
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