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Originally Posted by pandapanda View Post
I think he's an ENFj.

Forget about your dislike for Fe and Se. I think that's the only thing that's stopping you from considering if you're an ENFj.
Let me first say that i've been on and off trying to figure out who i am for about 6 years now.

A lot of the things that you say about deltas and betas i agree with (some i don't)

Every solution i come up with to tell me who i am carries consequences. The only solution that i find to be friendly is that of me being an ENFp based on relationships. I wouldn't consider myself a typical ENFp as i think there are about 8 different subtypes.

Fe's if they apply themselves, they can be successfull people. I never see myself being successfull if i was to "max out" my Fe (i'd probably die). I think a lot of my traits to using Fe on this site can be ascribed to this very persistent need that i have developed over the last 6 or so years to find the answer. But that in itself can be a Ti phenomena if heavily supporeted by Ne

I take it you hav'nt watched the video link I put in, Chris Paul is an ENFj without a doubt whatsoever. I used to have a friend like that, i could never directly relate to him but because we had a bit of a quasi-identity thing going on...there was some attachment. I seen him as being more capable of success thaN I AND MAYBE HE WAS ATTRACTED FOR THE VERY SAME REASON.

I KNOW FOR SURE THAT I AM THE SAME TYPE AS DAVID WEST. Only a few people in your lifetime come along to which you can, he or she is exactly like me

To be more honest with you, I would be much more comfortable being an ENTP.

I do respect your interpretation, though

if you have anything new to add, PLEEEEEEEEEEse help me out.

Originally Posted by pandapanda View Post
Oh yeah. I didn't mean to sound overly critical of ENFjs. I like them in many ways, and one of my closest friends is a classic ENFj. I just don't like people to get the wrong idea about ENFps, lol.

Same quadra, mirror types of each other - so I can see why you think he's an INFp. He just reminds me of the ENFjs I know much more than the INFps that I know.
Anyone who wants to know the answer, i suggest....type Chris Paul (MVP runner-up if do say so) and David West and you will...
  1. know what energies an ENFj emits
  2. know who i am
the clues in the videos are rather obvious

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