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Originally Posted by complicater-complexer View Post
I have been reading the + and - descriptiond of all S types:

1. I very strongly doubt being SF. In every SF description I find a lot of things that are really not me.

2. I am too lazy and disorganized to be ESTj or ISTj.

3. For ESTp: I am not decisive, quite the contrary. Because I change a lot what I think I prefer to think well before taking any decision, unless I have previously thought of the thing.

I sometimes show a kind of a sinusoidal energy when talking, not really confident, going back and forth. Other times I do look confident. Is the ESTp always confident? When I talk I don't look agressive, except sometimes.

I do waste a lot of time doing nothing. I am not the guy who always has a fixed objective in his head.

ISTp has a higher chance. So in case I am really S, I can't be anything than ISTp. I am scared of reading the N descriptions and wasting my time.

What do you think? Do I read the N descriptions?
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