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Originally Posted by jwrig2 View Post
"MBTIŽ theory on the other hand has slightly different definition of J and P. Judgement or Perception in MBTI theory is something else and is nothing to do with Jung definition."

what a brilliant article. *rolls eyes* i love contradictions and poor grammar, really.

"Jung in his works on psychological types has clearly described types, which dominant function was Thinking or Feeling as Judging or Rational types and the types, which dominant function was Sensing or Intuition as Perceiving or Irrational types."

how the hell is "feeling" rational and "perceiving" irrational? an INTP is very rational based upon the NT function, whereas an NF person like an ENFJ absolutely abhors all forms of logic and reason.

jung's full of shit, man.

Okay, 1 "I told you so" in Valerie's favour. I'll shut up now.
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