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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Although you do have your mind fully made up, can you tell me though, (although you may have toned it down in last few posts) what has been the purpose of your antagonistic behaviour?
I don't have antagonistic behaviour; I am very opinionated and support my reasoning despite any social norms. You realize that if I think you are incorrect, I will not agree with you anyway just to appease you.

Originally Posted by RSV3 View Post
Here is a short type test used to differentiate INTp from INTj. Just choose the best answer of the choices given; go with your instinct on each question and try not to analyze them. Note that neither or both of the answers may fit you but just pick the one that fits the best. Note that most of the options are not mutually exclusive of each other. In all likelihood this test will prove inconclusive, but many of the questions are more subtle and I purposely phrased many of them so that what type each answer correlated to would not be very clear; this was designed in the hope that it would minimize any subconscious attempts to try and find the answers that agreed with your preconceived type. The key to the test is to not spend much time thinking about the answer but go with your gut instinct.
1. healthy lifestyle - my enneagram suggests that I am 5w6 with an emphasis on self-preservation

2. serious tone with low pitch - I want people to take me seriously and not draw attention otherwise

3. this depends on the content and my ability to guess the course material before it is stated

4. no preference - perhaps one that is detached

5. conscientious of social norms - this is mostly the result of having over 20 years of formal education, and I despise it when petty faults become obstacles to my cause or foundations for more superficial activity

6. detached - reality is illusion; colors are electromagnetic disturbances/sounds are mechanical vibrations

7. good at predicting the future as it unfolds - I am at a loss to understand how someone could predict the distant future and immediately verify it without changing their mind at all over the course of time

8. self-improvement - this is the foundation on which civilization rests

9. There are an infinite number of angles in one circle, so infinite

10. In my opinion all social obligations that are not expressly contractual are decidedly mutually hedonistic, but I try to set an example if I think that will support my cause

11. I am unlikely to discuss matters I view as important unless I am trying to accomplish something

12. There is too much practical information in the world to treat at face value, I stick to something that interests me and develop it fully

13. I am not sure what you mean

14. I prefer that someone else establish the relationship as this usually gives me the upper hand in matters of etiquette and a chance to understand the motivations of the other as they do this

I took this test as you suggested, on first impulse, so I hope that it provides you with closure.

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
IntjWurm, are you left handed or right handed? (SG believes this indicates a type preference)
I am right-handed, and my father is also left-handed.

Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
Okay, now I have seen IntjWurm's photo and taken a closer look at his style of writing, and that settles it. IntjWurm is clearly not an INTp. The V.I. verdict is very clear on this. The only other type that can come into consideration besides INTj is ENTj, but my conclusion is that we have absolutely no legitimate reason to doubt the correctness of INTjWurm's self-typing based on the available information. V.I. suggests INTj (or at least XNTj), all test results suggest INTj, self-identification suggests INTj, and writing style suggests INTj.

So, basically everything suggests INTj as IntjWurm's correct type, and if you look at his longer posts recently you will see a rather typical example of the influenced writing style of INTjs. What you should take a closer look at is how he construct his sentences and his use of abstract nouns. This style of writing is similar to tcaudilllg's at the16types and of course you can compare with Kant's style of writing if you like.
I think that Prometheus has a point concerning Ti:

Introverted Thinking is responsible for understanding logic and structure, categorizations, ordering, logical analysis and distinctions, logic explanations and proof based on a minimal set of "self-evident" rules and axioms. Ti interprets information via a closed and internally consistent system of truths. Ti is particularly aware of syntactic correctness and how words relate to each other in meaning and structure.

I love to derive from a set of first principles, I abhor inconsistency in a theory, and I scored 35/36 on the language section of the ACT, which by the standards of this organization would place at me at IQ>160.

Originally Posted by SG View Post
BTW IntjWurm, you look kinda INTpish on that photo. Do you have more photos? And are you left-handed?

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