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Default Re: Type me, type me!

I don't really see the case for Se dominance. Could you be more specific about what the signs are for this in me?

As far as Ne dominance goes, it makes much more sense to me. I have constantly changing interests. As soon as the novelty of something has worn off, I do away with it. My parents were continually frustrated by me as a child because of my propensity to simply throw away toys that I had gotten bored of within a day or two. The habit continues even now: I move from one interest to another, always doing something different with my spare time. I realize ESTps are perfectly capable of this behavior, but I doubt that they would exhibit the change of interests at such a high frequency, and either way it certainly points to Ne over Se.

I actually have evidence contrary to an Se dominance diagnosis. Could it not be merely my role function that you're seeing manifest itself? Also, I had major confidence issues as a child: I would have been diagnosed as an introvert by anyone before the age of 12. I've never been a confrontational person in real life, at least physically: I challenge people in debate or discourse, but never intentionally to the point that a physical fight, or an out-of-context argument, would be plausible.

Obviously, none of this is definitive, but I'd like you to take it into consideration for your diagnosis.
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