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^Fair enough, kudos to you for taking my suggestion into account, regardless.

If i can indulge you a little more though, for the selfish reason that i'm in the mood and merry just now, there's a good chance Marquez may not be ILI but IEI. I grant you Balzac, what with the type description being named after him and all (by Gulenko, i think..?). I've only read Balzac a long time ago, so can't remember a lot, but his main running theme seems to have been an upward mobility and/or success and the inevitable failure of his characters to achieve it. He seems to acknowledge "other forces" in society of the time that made their progress impossible (their background, their inability to successfully navigate and "use", so to speak, contacts in the upper strata of society etc.) Doomsday all around with him!

Marquez, again, haven't read anything from him in a very long time, but i seem to remember a certain preoccupation with human solitude, love and loss and lovers re-uniting in their old days, some universal truths about life, but mainly love and a whole lot of emotional masturbation (hey, i did say i'm merry + he's a big man with fire in his belly and a Nobel prize to boot, he won't mind. He smiles pretty too, nicely showing off a full set of teeth (no, he doesn't green, that was me). Ni, of course, but so much Fe too. For an INTp, at least. Or so i think.

As en epilogue though, INTp-s are not word-challenged, oh they can really bend words if they're important to the point they're making, but they pick them carefully and use them sparsely (just an aside, really). Balzac did live in the ...what century was it? 2 centuries ago, i think. I guess the Zeitgeist of the times and literature were a little writing style...?

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