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Originally Posted by natemaldonado View Post
Found a test where it said exclude work personality, and am 90% confident, I'm a ISTP.

Smiling picture = My good old friend in town, headed back, why not?

I am aggressive with a chick yet, if she wants to rush anything, I back off. Example, girl dropped L-bomb within our first two hangouts and I dropped the progression on that situation.

I can talk smack at competition, but I usually hold back until my actions back it up.

If I'm in my room, I really don't like to be bothered.

Don't like being told what to do, or those wasting time on dumb details.

I know when a girls into me, but I process whether or not she'd fit in my lifestyle before I do pursue.

I have acquired social skills and business empathy(fake) because I work at a bank and its a necessity for career growth.

I don't like small talk or expending energy keeping up with random peoples lives, and have been known to walk right by people without saying anything to them, unless I have a point to in public.

Very protective of my friends and sibling; no one messes with me when my temper blows.

Cousin started crying and I can only help and stand and kind of smile for no reason.

At the gym, I don't socialize unless I see one of my good friends there. I have things to do.

Generally listen more than talk.
Smiling pictures don't say anything of a person's type; I felt originally that you were stashing some values under the covers; I want to ask again, what do you value when it comes to other people? What things, when others do attracts you to them and makes you say "wow, I really love that quality or trait in that individual." What are your weaknesses?

Yeah, the above points you away from ESTp. Maybe we were not clear about what you meant by the word aggression.

Second part of my hilight points to Fe PoLR.
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