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Originally Posted by Suzzy View Post
Is this an SEI/ISFp hand by any chance? lol, this is one option that I am strongly considering for the owner of this extremity!

If someone could please point me to a website which gives descriptions of hands and fingers I would be interested and thankful, as I myself happen to have the ugliest, wrinkliest, hands ever and perhaps by some weird chance this has been linked to a personality type then my type would be solved as these ugly hands of mine are definately one of my most distinctive features.
That hand looks massive to me with the fingers having a "club" feel, I saw at more friends. Reminds me of an ex-colleague in highschool which I typed INFj (girl) and two friends ENFj and INTp (males) - the INTp had a sort of fungi and had "buried" fingernails but the same finger shape.

Suzzy, the hand stuff were my observations, I'm not typing by them and I don't know if they're written on some websites, they might not be even accurate - as of sample. I tend to think that it's true, I found SEIs in many areas and as far as I remember they were all around the same about this, though I typed them by the behaviour/attitude and the rest you know.
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