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Originally Posted by mihai_m View Post
Not sure what can be called "extra weight", all SEIs I know are at least a bit round.
Then, a peculiarity I talked about: they have "fatty" palms, meaning a small ratio between the length and the width. Short-looking and meaty fingers, never thin and pointy. So not necessarily that their palm is small, but "podgy".

I saw other types with this body constitution, but never an SEI (and ESE) without. So far.
Is this an SEI/ISFp hand by any chance? lol, this is one option that I am strongly considering for the owner of this extremity!

If someone could please point me to a website which gives descriptions of hands and fingers I would be interested and thankful, as I myself happen to have the ugliest, wrinkliest, hands ever and perhaps by some weird chance this has been linked to a personality type then my type would be solved as these ugly hands of mine are definately one of my most distinctive features.
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